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Orthland H. Bodie Jr. is an assertive and very audacious Radio Personality and host of the popular talk show “Express Yourself”. He is a former Lawyer and member of The Bahamas Bar Association and The Middle Temple Bar, in The United Kingdom. Our Talk Show dynamo is also an Ordained Minister at First Church of The Lord Jesus Christ, a Business Consultant and an avid political commentator and editorial writer.

His strong emotive baritone voice”, vibrates across the airwave like a rhythmic musical beat, passionately challenging his listeners to examine major local, and world news stories and issues, being debated throughout the community, with humor and sarcasm. He astonishes even those closest to him with his on-air frankness, but we sometimes get to see his softer side as he expounds on spirituality, family values and politics, with an engaging mix of listeners interaction and commentary, from a highly respected sundry of guests.

Orthland H. Bodie Jr. was born and raised in New Providence, the capital city of The Bahamas. A student of both Private and Public Education systems, and a graduate of The University of London, where he specialized in Criminal and Defense Law, Insurance, Maritime, and Constitutional Law. His record as a Defense Counsel was phenomenal. He is the proud father of six children and is married to the lovely Antoinette M. Bodie nee Edgecombe.