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Michelle Malcolm spent a century serving The Bahamas in the areas of media, pageantry, and the development of young women. She was welcomed into the homes of Bahamians for many years as news anchor of The Bahamas Tonight; host of television shows like Teen Spirit and Night Time; as a news reporter assigned to cover national events and such notables as Nelson Mandela, celebrities too numerous to mention, three Prime Ministers of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and a host of international conclaves. In recent times, she has gained prominence with a new audience through her popular radio talk show Global Paradigm Shift (GPS) on Global 99.5 FM. Michelle has always been a fan of pageantry and has worked in various capacities in the industry, including Miss Bahamas pageant television producer, script writer, pageant coach, international and national judge, and she was even a pageant contestant on several occasions. She is passionate about health and wellness and received her certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of holistic Health. She has helped countless people to regain their health through proper nutrition, lifestyle changes and shifting their paradigms. Michelle is an advocate for truth and justice who fearlessly challenges the powers that be to be more accountable and forthright in their dealings.