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Teen Talk

Teen Talk

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About the Show

he Teen Talk Radio Show is a program hosted by three teenagers, McKelton Johnson, Ilan White and Eltavious Johnson on a wide variety of teenage topics aired live every Fridays between 5PM – 6PM.

The show focuses on building structured trusting relationships that bring young people together with caring and accountable individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing our young peoples’ competence, self-esteem and character.

The show will also include professional guests and workshop that focus on personal responsibility, and dream building. In addition, the participants will be introduced to positive role models who are leaders in various areas, including business, politics, the community, entertainment and law enforcement to break the misguided traits among our teenagers and introduce role models who provide positive examples of developing and living a healthy and prosperous life style in our society.

The show will aim to further instill the following principles of integrity, respect, honesty, patience, discipline, service and courage among our young people.

The goal of Teen Talk is to create a generation of men and women who are spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically strong.

The show will be interactive with the sole purpose to inform and help teenagers to realize their potential and envision a future where they are physically and emotionally equipped, to become responsible citizens in our society.

Meet the Team

McKelton Johnson

McKelton Johnson began his primary education at Temple Christian Elementary where he graduated as 10th in his grade and also Head Boy of the school. During the 2014 school year he represented Temple Christian as their student of the year nominee, where he placed in the semifinals and was awarded a scholarship to any school of his choice in the Bahamas.

After graduating primary school Mr. Johnson then went on to attend Kingsway Academy where he was the head of the Choir, Jazz Club, and Christians in Action Group. During his time at Kingsway Academy he worked his way to becoming a spokesperson for the student body and student council representative for his grade.

In the year 2018 Mr. Johnson transferred to Snellville, Georgia USA, where he would continue his high school education at the prestigious Shiloh High School. There he become a Jr. Band Director, Jazz Band Leader and founded the first club focused on grooming young men titled “The Gentleman’s Club”.  Johnson is the first president of this club and co-founder.

Johnson went on to finish his high school education at Boost Academy in Nassau, Bahamas. Johnson worked his way to being awarded the role of Prefect and Sr. Student above all other students. He also has achieved much in his extracurricular path. He is a seasoned cyclist, a former Royal Bahamas Defense Force Ranger, Most Outstanding Ranger Recipient and Physical Team Leader. He loves to make music, and read books in his spare time.

Mr. Johnson is a certified marksman. He spends his summers counseling at Cedine Ministries in Spring City, Tennessee. McKelton Johnson loves to work with youths, and is a spiritual man one who is determine to help those around him.


Ilan W. H. White

Ilan W.H. White, born February 27, 2004, was raised in the city of Nassau. Though so young, Ilan enjoys working in the community and is an advocate for change in youths and human rights. He has worked for one of the leading criminal law firms in the country Murrio D. Ducille & Co. He subsequently worked in non-profits as President of Builders Club, Vice President of his schools Key Club, and now he has just been elected to be the Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 for The Bahamas District of Key Club International.  Ilan served as Vice President of Finance in the vibrant Junior Achievement Bahamas Program, and is also a member of the Interact Club and a Master Guide of the Pathfinder Club.

He has placed in the semi-finals of the Junior Achievement national speech competition and has recently been nominated for the Most Distinguish Achiever and Most Distinguish Officer awards for his work throughout the JA year 2019/2020. He obtained eight passes in the Bahamas National Exams – BJC (Bahamas Junior Certificate), and due to his diverse accomplishments, adaptability, and versatility, Ilan has landed the chance to attend one of the top schools in the country Queens College where he is on the Honor Roll.

Ilan has also started a radio show called Teen Talk where he is the producer and a co-host, making him the first teen to start his own radio show in The Bahamas. This is a show where he along with his co-hosts discuss national issues plaguing the youths of their country. Ilan has recently been afforded the opportunity to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference in New York and Washington where he will go to the White House and the United Nations along with some of the world’s leading youths to discuss and pass resolutions that are affecting youths in the world, and discuss how they can help change the world.

In his free time Ilan thoroughly enjoys listening to music with his favorite artists being Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill among many others, he also enjoys singing, public speaking, and playing sports like soccer, volleyball, and running track, he also watches CNN so that he can stay abreast on international issues that are going on in the world. By reason of Ilan’s work ethic, humility, and infectious positivity he has been afforded many opportunities, through networking and conversation.

Ilan intends to attend The London School of Economics and Political Science and The University of Cambridge to obtain degrees in Law, Political Science, International Relations and Business.


Eltavious A. Johnson

Eltavious Alejandro Johnson; born January 9, 2020, is a Bahamian high school student. Son to Eltavious D. Johnson and Indiana Morris, Johnson is the fifth of seven children.

Though so young, Johnson enjoys working in the hospitality and media industry. He has worked for John Bull Ltd., performed at Government House, and has held several positions in the watersports tourism industry in The Bahamas.

Johnson thoroughly enjoys singing, public speaking, and acting. He has recently been afforded the opportunity to voice the character, Robin, in an Animated Series pilot promo. He subsequently worked in non-profits and internships. He also was Treasurer, Production and Human Resource Vice President in the vibrant Junior Achievement Bahamas Program.

Johnson uses his platform in his country to advocate for poverty awareness, education, and mental health. He has placed in the top three of numerous speech and emotive writing competitions nationally. He obtained ten passes in the Bahamian national exam – BJC (Bahamas Junior Certificate), and has landed roles in several Bahamian short films and skits. Due to his diverse accomplishments, adaptability, and versatility; Johnson landed the chance to attend one of the top schools in the country St. Andrews – but currently attends Boost Academy, a homeschool, where he maintains one of the highest grades in the school.

By reason of Johnson’s work ethic, humility, and infectious positivity, he has been afforded many opportunities, through networking and conversation. Johnson intends to attend Colgate University to obtain a degree in Marketing and Journalism. Upon the completion of his tertiary education, Johnson intends to return home to pursue a career in broadcasting and television.

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