/The Midday with Melody Sweeting

The Midday with Melody Sweeting

Melody Sweeting is a wonderful talented and multifaceted individual, with a love for people and all life has to offer. 

 Melody has spent a significant amount of years working in the hospitality and entertainment industry, and is well known for her exceptional talent as a lead female vocalist for various bands. 

Each band taught her different skills, and has learn to become a chameleon of an entertainer. Approaching each performance with vigor and a can do mindset and attitude.

In addition, her singing and hospitality background has pushed her into the world of karaoke, where she further learned to Host events, MC and DJ…

Melody has been apart of so many different bands and environments, that she is now able to walk onto a stage with nothing in mind but her audience. She keeps it unpredictable but fully focused on helping the audience by creating their own special moments and memories of a lifetime.

 Melody joined the GLOBAL FM family in 2020 and is now adding a sincere sister-friendly flava to the Midday Show on 99.5 GLOBAL FM.